Last Thursday Pre-Order

Book Description:
Audrey Nielsen has lost control. After surviving the worst year of her life, including the loss of her unborn daughter and the discovery that her husband, Timothy, has been unfaithful, her career as a children's author is on its last legs. She decides that Thursday will be the day she finally leaves and reclaims her life.

However, following a drunken night out in Seattle, the couple wakes to news of a local college student dying in a hit-and-run. The vehicle and suspect descriptions match Audrey and Timothy, and they must choose whether to confess to the crime or cover it up. With the case making headlines and the deadline for her latest book approaching, Audrey finds herself caught up in a terrifying real-life narrative of her own and is soon forced to make another impossible decision with deadly consequences.

Last Thursday is out now.

- Signed paperback copy of Last Thursday

- Signed paperback copy of Last Thursday
- One 8 oz. Last Thursday-inspired candle designed by Wick & Jane

- Signed paperback copy of Last Thursday
- Two different 8 oz. Last Thursday-inspired candles designed by Wick & Jane

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